William – now with 4 teeth and walking

William got his 3rd tooth on my his father’s birthday (January 29). The 4th became visible today.
He is now able to stand on his own and walk few steps without support (although a bit shaky).
With a little support he’s even able to walk the stairs (just one foot per step – why waste time?)
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Christmas pictures + January pictures now online

So here they are – Enjoy
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Added some more photos

October 2007 album updated with recent photos
And by the way: The floodings in Hoi An lasted only 2-3 days so they are long gone
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Happy Birthday Trung!

Chenh (my sister-in-law) prepared a small long distance happening for her husband Trung who just left for Chicago few days ago.
The pictures have been included in the 2007-10 (October) album. I hope these pictures are of a bit better quality than what you could see on the webcam.
Enjoy your day! – all the best wishes from all of us here in Hoi An.
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New picures uploaded

Family and friends have been contacting us because of the recent hurricane that hit Vietnam about a 1½ week ago. Luckily (for us) it went on shore in the northern part of Vietnam which is approx 800 km from here.
However we did have heavy rainfall non-stop for three days in a row but Hoi An town was saved from floodings until yesterday.
Pictures of the recent floodings are included in the October album. Although it has affected some houses and businesses of family and friends it is still a very mild category flooding and actually an annual October event here in Hoi An. For those familiar with Hoi An: it does not affect Tran Phu Street (which is usually the indicator for a heavy flooding). It’s also far from our house which is located on higher grounds – right in the middle of this map:
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Back in Vietnam

Couldn’t wait to get back to William, Oanh and all the other family members in Vietnam so I had already booked the first possible flight back(eventhough it meant 18 takeoffs+landings and doing Denmark twice, Greenland, France, Thailand and Vietnam once in a single week )
Anyway – I’m back and having a great time!
William is growing fast. 7 months old and quite tall and heavy (sorry haven’t measured him – but please see the pictures)
He speaks and sings a lot (or at least: tries to). He’s so full of energy that it’s almost unbelievable!
Oh yes – he knows many funny tricks now and he is enjoying the company of his many vietnamese cousins (the albums are updated so please check them out).
The first tooth is on it’s way now.
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 – been to Greenland for the first time – what a pleasant surprise!
Beatiful scenery and the weather was fantastic too – bright sunlight from a clear (and clean) blue sky all day.
Clear shifting Nothern lights / Aurora in green colors during the afternoons.
Went fishing one day and caugth 4 cod’s in one throw (yes – in less than one minut! – can’t beat that in Denmark any longer)
The reason for my stay was a workshop with one of our customers. It was a great success and went above all expectations so I expect this wasn’t my last stay in Greenland.
Looking forward to the next time
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Back in DK

I am currently back in DK again for while – waiting for a green light to take off for Greenland very soon (approx one week – work related).
William is doing fine and being treated like a king in Vietnam by his many cousins – please see the photo album.
I have already been around the world 2½ times this year (well, approx 60,000 miles divided by the earth’s circumference of 25,000 miles)
Will probably reach 4 times round the world before new year – perhaps more miles than Marco Polo ever traveled (but I guess he saw a bit more of the world and a lot less of the airports than I did )
Well, anyway, I will try to keep this site a bit more up-to-date. Please also visit my tripadvisor profile:
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