Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Denmark pictures now online

It’s been a while since last update so quite a bunch of new albums are now online:
2010-04 Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto during peak Cherry blossom season)
2010-03 Vietnam (Ricky’s Birthday)
2010-03 Thailand (Family trip)
2010-03 Singapore (Family trip)
2010-02 Vietnam (Vietnamese New Year + William’s Birthday)
2010-01 Denmark (Farewell/Birthday party)
2009-12 Denmark (Christmas and New Year)
2009-11 London (short stopover after our trip to Australia)
2009-10+11 Australia (from South to North along the East Coast – Melbourne to Port Douglas by car + short stopover in Darwin)
2009-10+11 = October/November 2009, 2010-04 = April 2010 and so on – just in case you wonder what the numbers are for (YYYY-MM format)
Close to 1,500 pictures of great, great times – what a journey and what a story to tell.
Will be reporting from Bali and Singapore in the upcoming May 2010 album.
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